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What Will I Learn with a Psychology Degree?

Psychology is the study of how the conditions of the mind affect human behavior. It is a broad field of study that incorporates many subject areas from childhood development to social and cultural conditioning to mental illness. Thus, four-year degree will expose you to a broad range of topics in psychology. Specialization areas come later, […]

How to become a Clinical Psychologist

Many individuals seeking a career in healthcare ask the question: what is a clinical psychologist? Clinical psychology focuses on diagnosing and treating emotional, mental and behavioral disorders. The most common disorders include substance abuse, depression, anxiety, eating disorders and learning disabilities. Because they are not medical doctors, clinical psychologists do not utilize drug therapies. Instead, […]

Top 5 Careers in Psychology that Involve Children

Working with children as a psychologist can be one of the most rewarding experiences in psychology. Children have unique struggles in today’s world. With the rise of social media and heightened understanding of cognitive development, child psychology is experiencing dynamic shifts in its understanding of how children learn, grow, and cope.