The Psychology of Sports Fans: How Fans Affect Players

Yoga Berra was really on to something when he said that “baseball is ninety percent mental. The other half is physical.” Athletes don’t just do; they think. Decisions have to be made in an instant, and it takes a strong mind with excellent sports awareness in order to know and predict the game. Advertisements

Overcoming Fear of the Most Dangerous Sports

For most people, the idea of participating in sports that are dangerous or extreme triggers a strong, dissuasive fear response. But for some, pushing the limits of their minds and bodies is a challenge they can’t deny. Because of their propensity for danger, extreme sports participants are often pigeonholed as reckless daredevils with a death […]

Top 10 Weirdest Baseball Superstitions

America’s favorite pastime is an organization steeped in superstition. From the famous Curse of the Bambino to players’ refusal to wash articles of clothing or their bodies prior to a game, baseball superstitions take many forms. In fact, anything that happens prior to a good or bad performance for an athlete can birth a new […]

Psychology of Long Distance Running

To most of us, completing a 50- to 100-mile run sounds nightmarish. To an ultra-marathon runner, it’s a thrill. What motivates these uber athletes to undergo such strenuous activities? What pushes them once that motivation has run out?

In the Money: Psychology of Horse Racing Betting

The study of gambling is an excellent tool for understanding the effects of risk taking, decision making and personal gains and losses inside the human brain. Much like athletes who participate in sports that are dangerous, gamblers must balance risk against reward.